BCL Genetic Program

We take great pride in our genetic program and have invested in two onsite processing laboratories – one for on farm AI days and one for fresh-chilled semen shipments. Greg has spent a tremendous amount of time learning about proper collection and processing techniques to assure that every jump that leaves our facility is optimum for the intended recipient. We recognize the investment each client makes when they purchase semen from our operation, so we are adamant about every step in the process – down to checking with our UPS affiliate for the best routes to accommodate your breeding date and time.

In addition to shipping out fresh-chilled jumps from our location, we also have the majority of our sires available in frozen inventory stored with either Reproduction Specialty Group in Indiana or Applied Reproductive Concepts in Pennsylvania. We typically offer quick online payment options for your frozen semen needs, with the ability to transfer semen immediately following payment.

If you are in located within driving distance to the farm and would like to participate in one of our AI Days, we typically offer two July AI dates, one August AI date and one September AI date. Once confirmed for the year, these will be posted on our site. If you are interested in learning more about these AI days, please reach out to Greg for more details.

* New in 2022, we are excited to expand our genetic opportunities to include goats. We’ve partnered with Bounds Show Goats to offer fresh-chilled and frozen semen on some tremendous buck prospects. These bucks will also be available at our AI dates for use in addition to shipping semen out to goat herds nationwide. Frozen is currently available for transfer at RSG. If you’d like to explore or discuss these opportunities further, please contact Greg. 

We’re proud to have our genetics utilized in numerous programs across the country with successes at every level. If we can help guide you on which sire will be the best fit for your goals, please feel free to contact us.